Happy Un-Valentine's Day Roach Package



What is as everlasting as your love?  This Valentine's Day, we are giving you the opportunity to name a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for your Un-Valentine (or your Valentine- see other description).  This is a perfect way to show your lack of affection to someone in your life while helping with the Erie Zoo's Conservation programs.  10% of every purchase will support our conservation efforts. 

 If you choose digital,  you will receive:

  • A certificate for your Valentine with the named cockroach listed. This is an emailed certificate to be printed by the purchaser.

 *You will receive an email with your card as an attachment so please include your email in check out if purchasing digital.

If you choose mailed version, you will receive:  

  • A certificate for your Valentine with the named cockroach listed mailed to you or your recipient in a themed envelope with a rubber roach included as a hitchhiker!

*Please designate the following in the note section, ( ** Note section is found by clicking "add to cart" during purchase). 

1. Sender's name

2. Name of the cockroach

3. Name and address of person receiving the package, (Please let us know where you would like to ship the roach and certificate to.  This could be you or another person with their information.  

Neither option will include any names posted at the exhibit.